Issue October 2015

We would like to thank you and share with you the latest sucesses of our company.

Dear business partners,

We are glad to welcome you with Autumn release of our Newsletter. For most of you, it is a time of main season and the beginning of the most demanding part of the year. For us, it is a period when we´re launching interesting new products, which extend our product portfolio. For more information, see the following articles in the newsletter.

Let´s see how the international trade fair in Poland, Energetab 2015, was held. We regularly attend this trade fair and we are pleased to say that our presentation stand belonged to the one of the most visited ones again.

We are happy to introduce you another important member of our team. Mrs. Kristýna Šenfeldová is responsible for smooth running of NOARK Headquarter in Prague.

Do not forget to join our web competition with the news in the assortment. This time, very interesting prizes are waiting for you!

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News in the assortment

Panel mounted control and signal devices

We have extended our offer with three new lines of panel mounted control and signal devices.

The first line is panel mounted control devices with designation Ex9P1. It is a modular system which allows to create various configurations including e.g. function of push button with momentary or maintained feature, rotary and key switches, signal lamps, illuminated switches and many others. Thanks to degree of protection IP65, these devices find theirs use even in outdoor applications.

Another line is compact signal lamps Ex9IL. Also these devices are designed with degree of protection IP65. It allows installation also in e.g. manufacturing or processing buildings.

The last part of panel mounted devices is compact buzzers Ex9PB. They  bring a possibility of acoustics signalization of application status. They are offered in many variants including versions combining acoustic and light indication.

More information about all new product groups can be find at their product pages: Ex9P1, Ex9IL, Ex9PB.


Contactors Ex9C500

Offer of industrial contactor has been extended with versions up to 500 A in AC-3 category. They comply with the requirements of IEC / EN 60947-4-1. Splitting into next three frame sizes brings optimization of electrical parameters and mechanical dimensions. Thus, application to three-phase motors up to 400 kW can be fully covered. The conventional thermal current lth of these contactors is up to 610 A. There are available also respective thermal relays Ex9 to cover whole ranges of currents.

Other details can be found at product webpage.


Surge protective devices

The assortment of class I SPDs for protection against effects of lightning stroke currents has been extended significantly with two new lines. The first one is Ex9UE1 35. It is spark gap design of class I SPD with impulse current 35 kA per pole.  These devices are intended into applications with a risk of introduction of lightning currents of high intensities. It is mainly related to buildings with direct lightning hit risks, where significant part of total current is spread into electrical installation.

The other line is Ex9UE1+2 25. It is combined device line of class I+II. Thanks to 25 kA impulse current, these SPDs are suitable for applications with medium intensity of lightning currents. 

Other details can be found at product webpage.



NOARK at fairs

We’re pleased to announce that our company NOARK Electric have presented most recent products and solutions for the Polish energy sector. We are grateful to all our guests who visited our stand at the fair Energetab in Bielsko-Biała on 15. – 17. September 2015.


Our representatives introduced to guests a full range of products aimed mainly at protecting and supplying reliable electricity. We believe that our employees answered all your questions, or interested you in our new solutions for your business. We hope that the discussions we’ve started, will evolve into successful projects.



Interview with….

In this issue of Noark Newsletter, we will introduce you Mrs. Kristýna Šenfeldová, an important pillar of our office.


What is your position and responsibility in NOARK?

My job title is Office / HR Specialist. As you can conclude, my work consists of two important parts. Firstly, I´m responsible for organizing all of the administrative activities that facilitate the smooth running of our office and supporting all my colleagues not just in Czech Republic and Slovakia, but across Europe and the world. This part of my job starts with equipment and materials and ends by negotiations with suppliers or consular issues. The other important part of my job heads to HR area. I also provide support to HR Manager on tasks specific to HR area, including activities such as recruitment & selection, employee recognition, compensation, health & safety policies, training & development and other related HR programs. So what is my responsibility in Noark? Simply said… keeping my colleagues happy.

When have you joined the company?

I have joined NOARK right after my graduation, that was 2 years ago. A journey full of big experience has started since then…

What is your daily work?

I broached this topic in my first answer so let me describe this just briefly… Each day brings new task and requests from my colleagues all over the world, so there is no space for a routine. The schedule changes day by day, sometimes even hour by hour. There is a lot of communication with my co-workers and partners as well as dealing with internal issues and finding the right solutions, making travel arrangements and taking care of consular issues or planning and organizing meetings and events. This is my favourite part of the day as I enjoy working with various kinds of people and I´m given a space to encourage creative thinking and  to come up with some new ideas and proposals. But „each coin has two sides“ so naturally there are also less attractive necessities that I'm responsible for. If anyone of you enjoys handling paperwork or maintaining register of all important documents and inventories of supplies, you are welcome to come by.

What is your main target?

Because I truly believe that the group´s well being and success conspires to create more balanced, functional and successful company, my main target is to help to create a workplace where people feel appreciated. Having satisfied employees means that everyone benefits.

What is the most important progress?

I really appreciate a lots of improvements that has been done by HR department since the beginning of the year. We´ve come up with some new ideas and proposals in order to keep safe and pleasant working environment and to increase a satisfaction of our employees so I hope we will continue moving forward step by step. The other positive thing is that we are growing and expanding.

What you found challenging on your job?

I have already mentioned that my job is very diverse, but I have to bring that once more, because the diversity happens to be the fact, that challenges me the most. I don´t make a good friend with routine and stagnation, I love the feeling that comes by when things are moving forward and growing, living their own life, so every unknown situation, each new request or task is an opportunity to learn new things, to improve myself and become better. To provide consistent quality work and support requires reliability, constructive communication, ability to eliminate stressful thoughts and stay optimistic, to keep yourself up to date and being flexible in finding your feet in whatever is thrown in your way. To become that kind of colleague is definitely the challenge.





Kristýna Šenfeldová
Office a HR