Newsletter - May 2014

We would like to thank you and share with you the latest sucesses of our company.

Dear business partners,

we would like to thank you for your continuous confidence and support. You can read about the latest Noark's sucesses on the following lines.


NOARK Electric Europe


Noark at the trade fair

Amper 2014

The 22nd international trade fair of electrotechnics, electronics, automation, communication, lighting and security technologies Amper 2014 was held in Brno on 18th to 21st March 2014. This most important electrotechnical trade fair in Czech Republic was attended by more than 43 000 visitors, who could see 632 exhibitors from 20 countries on area of ​​nearly 15,000 square meters, this year.

Noark Electric Company welcomed not only many existing business partners but also a lot of new potential customers from all over Europe on its stand. Besides the current assortment presentation, the main topic of Noark’s stand was to show the most important prepared new products for the season spring/summer 2014. Namely it was the Air Circuit Breakers Ex9A and metal enclosures MF.

We would like to thank you for your visit and the opportunity to meet you in person. We are looking forward to further cooperation.



Elektrobalt 2014

The company Elektrobalt (a member of Würth group) organizes annually local trade fair of their suppliers. The event was held on 24th – 25th April 2014 in Lithuanian capital city Vilnius this year. As Noark is the fastest growing supplier of the company, its stand was one of the most visited throughout the fair at all. There were presented whole product range of Noark products, but the most interesting for customers were especially the new Air Circuit Breakers and Switch Disconnectors of line Ex9A.


Training activities in Romania

The representatives of Noark Electric subsidiary in Romania focus on training of sales engineers of their main distributors this year. Using a series of special workshops and seminars focused on improving sales skills and efficient relationships with customers, they are trying to develop their skills and work with Noark products.

Very important parts of these events are the presentations of whole range of Noark products which gets through them even more to awareness of sales representatives and customers.



New product in NOARK assortment

The new line Ex9A offers very complex functional devices range. They provide not only the basic function of circuit breakers or switch disconnectors, but also a complete networks analysis with the ability to communicate with advanced control systems, alarm function and power switching relays. The circuit breakers and switch disconnectors are available in three frame sizes as fixed and withdrawable version of 3P and 4P devices

More information you can find on product page.


Interview with Finance Manager Mr. Roman Kyselý

In this issue of Noark Newsletter, we put a few questions to Mr. Roman Kyselý:


What is your position and responsibility in NOARK?

As a Finance Manager of NOARK Electric Europe, I am responsible that the company can meet its financial and nonfinancial targets. That means to provide appropriate information for decisions. It also means to make sure the company complies with local laws and regulations. Important part of my role is to plan the results (sales, margins, expenses, receivable level, etc.), to monitor how targets are met and to propose and execute measures if actual results differ from expected targets. On top of that, my job is also to ensure that basic administration and infrastructure of the company is working well – mobile phones are working, our cars are ready to go, etc.


When have you joined the company?

I joined NOARK in summer 2012. This was a moment when the company existed for almost a year and the basic functions were up and running. However, the company needed to transform the accounting function to the strong Finance Management department with the goal not only to record past transactions, but to analyse the financial information and use it for the future decisions.


What is your daily work?

My daily work includes approvals and verification of various expenses. Then there is a time for a few analyses on revenues and costs of our sales areas. Important part of my job is also monitoring and setting actions of collection of our trade receivables. Various regular and ad hoc reports are to be prepared and analysed. My job could not be done without communication with my team members and various service providers across the countries we are present in. Various reports and analysis have to be prepared for our parent company as well.


What is your main target?

My targets are both internal as well as external. Example of internal targets it is to setup and maintain financial structure that provides accurate and timely information for the decisions done at different levels. Another crucial target is to manage our profitability and cash flows, because no matter how good products any company may have, it is vital to maintain sufficient cash to fund daily operations. I also would like to mention one example of my external target. I want NOARK to be considered as a reliable and a trustworthy partner for our suppliers, customers, employees, etc.


What is the most important progress?

It is a tough job to build a successful company from scratch. Thanks to the commitment of many people we managed to turn the start-up company to the one where processes and procedures play their roles and most of things are working the way they should. At the same time, the company still keeps the drive and the passion to succeed and my Finance team across the NOARK group plays an important role in those efforts.


What are next planned milestones?

In the near future, I want to strengthen our IT capabilities to allow our staff and our business partners to access information they need online. In other words, we run a powerful ERP system, but we use only a small fragment of it. For future growth we need more automation and interactivity in generating various reports and we need them to be easily accessible within user-friendly environment. In relation to the planned growth in other regions, we also need to think about our organizational structure.


What you found challenging on your job?

It is definitely a challenge how diverse my job could be. One would think that the work in Finance can be boring, but that is not the case at NOARK. This is partly due to a number of people working for the company and partly due to the process of building the new organization. I still feel that I am learning new things every day. I was used to work in the international environment before, but each day, I come across new surprises arising from different cultures and different backgrounds we have.




Roman Kyselý   
Finance Manager








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