NOARK’s Moulded Case Circuit Breakers Ex9M6 equipped with an electronic release

The latest addition to NOARK's offerings is the Ex9M6 family of technologically advanced moulded case circuit breakers, suitable mainly for applications in power distribution.

It protects various electrical devices against overload and short circuit. The main advantage of these circuit breakers is the use of solid-state circuits for monitoring the current, unlike the thermomagnetic technology used by most other manufacturers.

This latest technology brings several advantages. The solid-state circuit breakers offer a noticeably faster response (up to 100 times faster than traditional breakers), allow much better monitoring of circuit loads, and guarantee significantly greater reliability and long lifetimes. Another big advantage is their smaller size.

The power range of the Ex9M6 circuit breaker family is from 800 up to 1600 A of rated current, while the rated ultimate short circuit breaking capacity Icu reaches from 50 kA up to 100 kA. All breakers are available in 3 pole or 4 pole versions for voltages up to 415/690 V AC. The rated impulse withstand voltage of Uimp 8 kV makes it possible to use them even in a system with occurrences of high intensity transient overvoltage waves. This makes them usable by heavy industry. Testing according to IEC/EN 60947-2 standards ensures functions and reliability for a wide variety of applications, including isolation.

The circuit breakers are available in two versions: manually operated Ex9M6 and motor operated Ex9M6 MOD with a pre-mounted XF closing release enabling the breaker’s remote operation. Both versions are equipped with a control panel with DIP switches, which allows setting all the circuit breaker’s necessary parameters, three LEDs to indicate the circuit breaker’s status, and an HTU port, which is used to diagnose the device.

The line of circuit breakers is complemented by an Ex9M6SD disconnector, intended as the main switch in a wide variety of circuits.

All of the above-mentioned devices have the same dimensions: 210 mm (280 mm 4 pole) x 286 mm x 191mm (w x h x d), allowing them to connect to the same accessories.

By installing suitable accessories, it is possible to supplement advanced features to increase operator comfort.

AX21 auxiliary contacts allow starting another independent electric circuit. They are usually used to provide a signal to outside equipment that the monitored breaker has tripped for some reason: sound an alarm, initiate a safe shutdown, engage a backup power source, etc.

The AL21 signal contact is designed for remote monitoring of the circuit breaker’s status.

The device can be remotely controlled by the SHT26 shunt trip release. When energized, it instantaneously activates the circuit breaker mechanism ensuring a rapid disconnection of the main contacts.

A similar function is performed by the UVT26 under-voltage release, which automatically triggers a power trip when the power falls below a preset level

The XF closing release can be used to close the circuit breaker remotely. It is an optional accessory designed only for the Ex9M6 MOD version.

The circuit breakers can also be equipped with an extended handle for easier operation of the toggle and an extended rotatory handle with extended shaft for different applications, e.g. for door coupling.

Various front connection plates for frame size M6 allowing easier connection of the power cables are available too.

With the new range of Moulded Case Circuit Breakers Ex9M6 from NOARK, state-of-the-art technology is set to market trends in the coming decades. Its main advantages are the use of solid-state circuits for current monitoring, the possibility of setting power parameters through DIP switches and a wide range of available accessories.